empty is a framework for the rapid grid-based development of responsive WordPress Themes.

empty offers a drag & drop editor to create layouts for different breakpoints and devices. It therefore uses individual responsive settings and generates corresponding CSS files which will be included in the frontend of your Wordpress theme.

empty's keyfeatures:


empty does not create ready-to-use websites. It acts as a starting point for development of Wordpress Themes. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS are therefore mandatory.


Drag & Drop Editor

Create individual page layouts for several breakpoints. Live and directly in your well-known Wordpress environment.

Documentation: Visual Editor



Define multiple breakpoints to provide individual layouts for different devices.

To define more than three breakpoints at once a license is necessary.

Documentation: Breakpoints


Grid System

Set up a base grid system to have empty align all elements according to it.

The grid is individually customizable for each defined breakpoint.

Documentation: Grid

empty is deeply integrated into Wordpress.

empty utilizes many Wordpress Core functions such as the WYSIWYG text editor as well as the built-in media uploader.

empty is extendable.

By purchasing a license nearly every part of empty can be extended.

Options are the definition of new breakpoints, the extension of the grid by further tags as well as the creation of additional drag & drop editor elements.

Documentation: Add Elements to editor

browser support

  •  Chrome 45.0 +
  •  Firefox 45.0 +
  •  Safari 8.0 +
  •  Internet Explorer 11 +


Wordpress support

  • Wordpress 4.5 +
  • WooCommerce support
  • bbPress support